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“We help entrepreneurs share their message to make a bigger impact in the world, using the tools of storytelling and powerful videos. The fastest way to get new clients for your business is to create automated videos where you share your story. By telling your story with intention and purpose, you earn trust. Your story:

  • Conveys your message to millions
  • Changes the world; your Hero’s Journey story
  • Catapults your success, and is the centerpiece of your marketing message

 Jennie Edwards
Founder, Your Dynamic Story

Latest Client Success Stories

From Midwestern Corporate Worker Bee to Entrepreneur Visionary

Jennie Edwards shares the transformation in her life, being called to a higher purpose, and WHY she teaches this process. She walks you through 3 steps of how she went from working for someone else to running her own business, monetizing her gifts and sharing them with the world for the last 12 years.

Video 2

Activating Your Awesomeness With 3 Easy Steps

In this video, clients share their experiences of how they achieved new levels of success in life and business by expanding their comfort zone with the Self Expansion Process.
Video 3

How To Use Storytelling to Build Trust With Your Prospective Clients

In this client video, see what’s possible to feel confident in front of the camera and share your story with a global audience.

Monetize your message and create more transformation for your clients!