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We have all the skills you need to take your business message to the next level. Growing and expanding your business to created automated income takes strategy and intention, but also creating breakthroughs on a mental and spiritual level.

Jennie Edwards and Ryan Stock, "If you’d like to have a centerpiece of your business, a story of why you do what you do, Ryan and I can probably help you. With our combination of my visual creativity and his script-writing and messaging, we help you share your value in a bigger way."

Jennie Edwards, Founder and Video Content Queen/Producer, helps entrepreneurs create and share their message online to make a bigger impact in the world. She teaches how to show up confidently and vulnerably, in alignment with your branding and values. Over the last 12 years, Jennie has run a successful business of empowering her clients to grow their audience, connect authentically and gain greater clarity of their goals and vision.

Ryan Stock, Speaker Trainer, is a copywriter, speaker, and master at NLP. He helps entrepreneurs share their story with purpose, so the words can land in the subconscious of their viewers powerfully to create action. Ryan’s superpower is utilizing mindfulness to activate a higher level of productivity and peace, which is definitely an aspect everyone wants more of in life.