Attention: Business Owners, Sales Executives & Sales Managers

Learn Jerry Acuff’s Simple System that Empowers
Leaders to Develop Superstar Sales People
...Even if the Salespeople Are Beginners!

Superstar Sales Coach: Live 6-Week Training

From The Desk Of Jerry Acuff

Scottsdale, Arizona

Dear Friend,

If you’d like to have a system that inspires all of your salespeople to become Revenue
Producing Super-Stars, this will be the most important leadership training you will ever enroll in.


This is no ordinary “coaching program”.

Superstar Sales Coach is a “Money Making Mindset Transformation” performed on your entire sales team, in just six weeks.

Your company’s sales will literally EXPLODE!

When I was a sales executive and sales team trainer, I used this Superstar Sales Coach system to grow a pharmaceutical company from $300 million in annual sales to more than $1 billion in sales, in just three years.

I also used this system to build an award-winning consulting company, and earn more than a million dollars a year in personal income, for 15 years consecutive years, and counting.

The Key to My Success: I was Blessed to Have
Awesome Sales Coaches

I think we all need a coach to believe in us and it’s amazing how we surprise ourselves even when our little voice says…”I’m not good enough, I can’t do this, and I can’t make a seven-figure income in sales or I can’t be the number one sales manager year after year ….

It’s the power of a coach that helps you navigate that voice and self-imposed obstacles that stop you from living your dreams.

The first step is Getting Coaching from an expert like me. Investing in a coach is the smartest investment anyone can make because YOU are really investing in YOU.

Superstar Sales Coach is a six-week teleclass and virtual training program that was specifically designed to empower sales leaders to teach and coach selling in the field, in real time…

Here's exactly what you're getting as a member of this elite 6-week coaching program…

Every Monday for six weeks, you will receive an email with a link to 40-60 minutes of virtual training on one aspect of becoming a Superstar Sales Coach.

(95% of the virtual training lessons in this program are 5 minutes or less and can be accessed on your phone, tablet or computer.)

Every Friday for six weeks, Jerry Acuff will lead a group Coaching call for 90 minutes. 45-60 minutes will be on the virtual training you received on Monday and we will spend the rest of the time answering your questions about anything related to being a Superstar Sales Coach.

During this time Jerry can help you with any challenges you are having developing or motivating your sales people. This sort of weekly laser coaching will be invaluable to the development of your sales goals.

You will also receive a 1-hour individual coaching session with Jerry and you will have the ability to email him your questions following the six week live course.

Who It’s For…

Superstar Sales Coach was specifically designed for Business Owners, Sales Executives and Sales Managers who want to see immediate and exponential growth in their sales.

It is also for anyone who wants to take their sales coaching skill development to the next level.

This is for new first line sales leaders, sales leaders that are underperforming, already great managers who love new opportunities to grow and expand.

74% of top performers constantly look to improve and that makes Superstar Sales Coach a great reward for them for them as well.

What We Will Cover…

Week 1: The Superstar Coaching Selling Mindset and your Coaching Selling IQ.

Week 2: How to develop an actionable blueprint for any of your team members AND for your team.

Week 3: How to build a trusted connection with your people, so they will take your skill development plan seriously.

Week 4: How to have the skill development conversation with your sales person, so there is true collaboration that leads to skill improvement.

Week 5: Exactly how to use technology and your skill development plan to ensure that the skill development happens and the sales person takes responsibility for their growth.

Week 6: The 4 Most Valuable Sales Skills (Opening to get mental access, Questioning that engenders thinking and changes minds, Building Valuable Business Relationships and Asking for Commitments so the Customer NEVER says No).

Meet Your Instructor

Jerry Acuff is a Master Sales Coach who Teaches Entrepreneurs and Sales Executives how to Build Great Sales Teams and Turn Average Salespeople into Revenue Producing Superstars.

He is the CEO and founder of Delta Point, a consulting firm that works with sales and marketing leaders to build valuable business relationships and achieving sales excellence by thinking like a customer. Their client list includes 15 of the top 100 companies in the world.

Jerry has been named one of the top 15 sales executives in the world, and has been featured on MSNBC, The ABC Radio Network, the Fox Radio Network and also in Sales and Marketing Management Magazine, Entrepreneur magazine, The Wall Street Journal, The, Investor’s Business Daily, Fast Company, Selling Power, Readers Digest and, Selling Power Live. He has even been to the White House to share his views on healthcare reform.

What Clients Are Saying…

The Investment

The investment for the 6-week Super Sales Coach program, including the 6 group video conference calls, the individual call with Jerry and the resources you need to be a Master sales Coach is only $3,000 per person.

Enrollment in Super Sales Coach will be limited to 30 participants.

And if you would like to learn about how you can enroll in the training at a huge discount …just text us at 1-480-296-9972.

That’s a real text number that comes straight to my office in Scottsdale Arizona.